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ADS Fellows

During the January 2021 annual meeting of the American Dialect Society, a program to recognize longstanding members for their distinguished service to the field of linguistics, and to related fields, was initiated. These are the American Dialect Society Fellows.

2022 Fellows

Ceil Lucas, Professor Emerita of Linguistics, Gallaudet University
John R. Rickford, J. E. Wallace Sterling Professor in Linguistics and the Humanities, Emeritus, Stanford University
Roger W. Shuy, Distinguished Research Professor of Linguistics, Emeritus, Georgetown University

2021 Fellows

John Baugh
Robert Bayley
Ron Butters†
Connie Eble
Joan Houston Hall
Bill Kretzschmar
Allan Metcalf
Dennis Preston
Luanne von Schneidermesser
Walt Wolfram

New fellows may be nominated by a committee in any given year, at the committee’s discretion.

2020-22 Nominating Committee
Sali Tagliamonte (chair)
Michael Adams
Sonja Lanehart