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Friends of the American Dialect Society

The American Dialect Society is involved in a number of activities that may be invisible to members but that could benefit from their support.

In addition to its publications and sponsorship of the annual meeting in conjunction with the Linguistic Society of America, the American Dialect Society is represented at several regional, national, and international linguistic meetings. It contributes monetarily for the costs of the smaller meetings, some which have no organizational support of their own.

Since 2003 the Society also now regularly supports an American Dialect Society professorship at the biennial LSA Institute.

The Society is also especially proactive in its support of student members, offering presidential honorary memberships and travel awards to the annual meeting, where all attending student members get a free lunch. A gift from Roger W. Shuy further funds student travel and an endowment by Audrey Duckert recognizes younger scholars as well.

Now we hope to continue and add to this list of support.

In light of the Society’s dedication to the continuation of such financial support and other worthy areas that may arise, the Friends of the American Dialect Society was created in 2010 to recognize those members who have made large, unrestricted, charitable contributions to the Society.

The minimum contribution requested for membership is $100. The suggested contribution range is $500–$1,000. Membership is offered on an annual basis. Members who contribute but wish to remain anonymous may do so. The American Dialect Society is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, so your gifts may be tax-deductible (please confer with your tax advisor).

Those wishing to become a Friend may contact the society’s executive director at You can begin your giving today here.

Friends of the American Dialect Society will be recognized in the Society’s journal American Speech, on its website, at its annual meeting, on social media, and on its email lists.

Friends of the American Dialect Society


  • Leslie Barratt
  • Joan Hall
  • Roger W. Shuy


  • David Barnhart
  • Valerie Fridland
  • Dennis Preston

Founding Members (2019)

  • Leslie Barratt
  • Anne Curzan
  • Connie Eble
  • Valerie Fridland
  • Joan Houston Hall
  • Barbara Johnstone
  • Sonja Lanehart
  • Dennis Preston
  • Kathryn Remlinger
  • Julie Roberts
  • Joseph Salmons
  • Roger W. Shuy
  • Arthur Spears
  • Amy Stoller