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This page contains links related to American dialects. For more exhaustive link lists, check out the sites below.

Linguist List

History of the English Language

Net Resources for Linguists

Language Conference List

World-Wide English Dialect Links


  Language-Related Links

African-American Vernacular English/Ebonics:
Ebonics Resource Page at the Center for Applied Linguistics. Includes many links about African American English in general, but also concerns itself with the educational and political concepts of "Ebonics."

Academic Ignorance and Black Intelligence, by William Labov. He treats the subject of the relationship between language and the educational performance of inner-city children.

Bibliography of the Description of African American Vernacular English, prepared by Becky Howard.

Junk Science and the "Ebonics" Resolution: Is academia looking the other way? by Claudio R. Salvucci.

"Ebonics in My Backyard," by John R. Rickford, Department of Linguistics Stanford University.

Talking the Talk: A Discussion of African-American Vernacular English

CNN news articles on Ebonics: Dec. 24, 1996, Dec. 22, 1996, Dec. 19, 1996.

American Heritage Dictionary, via

The American-British, British-American Dictionary

Cambridge International Dictionary of English

The Century Dictionary

Forthright's Phrontistery, International House of Logorrhea

The Glossarist, a searchable directory of glossaries and topical dictionaries.

Grandiloquent Dictionary, an ongoing project to collect and distribute the most obscure and rare words in the English language.

Hypertext Webster Gateway

Information Please

John Bartlett's Dictionary of Americanisms, 1848.

Latin Dictionary Online

Macquarie Dictionary, the record of Australian English.

Merriam-Webster Online and Thesaurus

Onelook, including spell check in English and French, definitions in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, and the ability to search across many online dictionaries at once. Specialist Dictionary and Glossary Lists I More dictionaries.

The Ghostwheel Information Project, including the Exploding Dictionary and Technojargon.


Online Dictionary Database, using the DICT protocol., including dictionaries and grammars in many languages, and specialty dictionaries.

Roget's Thesaurus, via

French Dictionary list

Drug-Related Street Terms/Slang Words

Alternative English Dictionary

Teen Lingo

Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus Project.

The WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server from University College, Cork, Ireland.

The Barnhart Dictionary Companion, the Barnhart New-Words Concordance and Class Presentations on the American Language.

Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE) : This ongoing, massive chronicling of American speech could hardly be presented in complete form on the Internet, but current information on the interesting project is available. ADS is an official sponsor of DARE.

Dictionary Society of North America: about the organization.

Linguistics, Language and Words in General:
"How I got into linguistics, and what I get out of it," by William Labov

Language Diversity, by Bernard Comrie of the University of Southern California

Grammar, by Sandy Chung and Geoff Pullum of the University of California, Santa Cruz

Michael Quinion's language pages, with discussions of turns of phrase, topical and weird words, and articles about the English language. Includes a mailing list.

Lexeme-Morpheme Base Morphology, plus the usual list of links.

Home page of James Crawford, including information concerned with language policy, English-only initiatives, bilingual education, endangered languages and his three books.

IPA-standard phonetic characters

Word Detective, a newspaper column by Evan Morris answering people's questions about words and language.

A Word A Day. Receive a new word in your email box every day, or view it on the web site.

Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day

Mrs. Byrne's Word of the Day

OED Word of the Day

Vocabula Review

The Underground Grammarian, by Richard Mitchell. Includes four free books available in full-text form.

Maledicta Press

Word Detective

Word Spy


World Wide Words

Jargon Buster, from AskOxford.

British National Corpus

American English in General:
"The Organization of Dialect Diversity in North America," by William Labov.

Papers available online by John R. Rickford. Includes "The Ebonics controversy in my backyard: A sociolinguist's experiences and reflections," "Using the Vernacular to Teach the Standard," "Suite for Ebony and Phonics," "The Creole Origins of AAVE: Evidence from copula absence" and "Dialect Readers Revisited."

Linguistic Survey of American Pronunciation

Phonological Atlas of the US

American Slanguages. Promotes a series of books and lists words and phrases purported to be from specific cities. Not very academic, but amusing.

American Sign Language Linguistic Research Project : Investigating the syntactic structure of ASL. Includes downloadable reports, dissertations and related publications.

"A National Map of the Regional Dialects of American English," by William Labov, Sharon Ash and Charles Boberg

Linguistic Atlas of the US

Empirical Linguistics and Linguistic Atlas

Claudio Salvucci's information about the Philadelphia dialect, his bibliography on dialectology and a list of dialect links.

Stanford Linguistics Events

Language Societies:

Linguistic Society of America, including a huge directory of university language programs in the United States

Linguistic Data Consortium

American Name Society

Modern Language Association

Southeastern Conference on Linguistics (SECOL)

Language Usage and Style:

The Columbia Guide to Standard American English, available via Bartleby.

The King's English, by H.W. Fowler, via Bartleby.

Common Errors in English

Guide to Grammar and Writing


The American Book of English Usage,

The Editorial Eye features many online articles about writing and composition.
Editorial Eye

The Internet Grammar of English

Online Technical Writing: Online Textbook

The Columbia Guide to Online Style


American Accent Training offers a fair amount of instruction on the site, but is oriented towards sales of their service.