Date: Sat, 30 Sep 1995 11:37:51 EDT From: Naomi Nagy Subject: WWW NWAVE abstracts improved Attention all NWAVE fans, First of all, if you haven't yet received a program for this year's NWAVE either by mail or by e-mail, and you would like to, please contact me. Second, if you tried to browse the abstracts for this year's conference on the WWW site and were unable to because I made such big files, try again now with the new and improved abstract files. One caveat, they are improved from a computing standpoint, but they are not entirely up to date with corrections that have been requested. Those corrections that I have received will, however, appear in the printed version of the abstract booklet that will be distributed at the meeting. Once again, the WWW address is Third, sorry for duplicate mailings. Naomi Nagy