Date: Sat, 30 Sep 1995 06:41:36 -0500 From: Ellen Johnson Subject: Re: stove/range Sorry for repeating everything. This program does it automatically. Just last week, in order to get help with my pilot light, I had to admit to the landlord that I hadn't used the oven since I moved in almost 2 months ago! (I have used the toaster oven, but mostly for canned biscuits and pop tarts, I'm sorry to say). We agreed that most of the cooking we did was either in the microwave or on the stove, corrected for clarity, if I remember right, to "on top of the stove". I think I would only use the term range in talking about buying appliances, etc. For some reason, It seems to especially fit those that are not above an oven. By the way, teenagers seem to have extended the meaning of the verb "to nuke" from microwaving to heating of any kind. Did we have this discussion before? I no longer live on the East Coast, but in Memphis. I'm a native of Atlanta. Ellen Johnson ejohnson[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] >From: IN%"ADS-L[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]" "American Dialect Society" 29-SEP-1995 17:46:58.89 >Subj: stove/range > >Is the stove/range distinction purely regional, or is there a difference >in meaning? Also, do those of you living on the East Coast use the term >"swamp cooler" for an air conditioner-like device that cools using >water? (It's very popular out here in Colorado.) I use the term "stove" >exclusively (I come from Philadelphia), but "range" seems to be a much more >popular term out here. > >Ellen S. Polsky (Ellen.Polsky[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]Colorado.EDU)