Date: Fri, 29 Sep 1995 22:29:08 EDT From: RENEA C BEELER Subject: Re: candy & measurements - take 3 > As far as candy bars go, if it isn't chocolate, why bother? My feeling, > terminology-wise, is that if it's about the right shape, it's a candy bar. > Who else remembers the Big Daddy taffy candy bars that we got in the movies > because they would last the whole time? > > Rima > I remember the Big Daddy taffy. My dad has a grocery store back home, and he sells them. I can't believe those things are still being sold. I think that the theatre downtown sells it, but I'm not for sure. Someone mentioned the stove/range usage. I am from Louisville. And back home if we want a drink we say "coke". It basically due to the fact that whatever product is out first, that is the name that you use (ex. Klennex for tissue or Xerox for a copier). Well, at school, which is a small town, they say "pop" cause of the sound that a can makes when you open it. I can't get use to the change. I am starting to say "pop" instead of "coke" because I am down here more than I am back home and my friends say it. R. -- ________________________________ __________________________ | "Two men walking up a Renea Beeler --|-- hill, one disappears, rcbeel01[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] | and one's left standing Morehead State University | still. I wish We'd all | been ready."--Larry Norman -------------------------------- --------------------------