Date: Thu, 28 Sep 1995 08:10:50 -0700 From: Dan Alford Subject: Re: candy bars and measurements It's *avoirdupois* weight -- the series of units of weight based on the pound of 16 oz and the ounce of 16 drams (acc. to Webster's 9th). For gallons & quarts, it's *US liquid measure*, then also *US dry measure* and *British Imperial liquid and dry measures*. On Wed, 27 Sep 1995, M. Lynne Murphy wrote: > measurement > what do you call the system of measurement that americans use (i.e., > the non-metric system). it seems to me i've heard "english", but > this isn't in my dictionaries. i think "imperial" refers to another > system altogether (isn't an imperial gallon different than a u.s. > gallon?). does the system even have a name?