Date: Fri, 22 Sep 1995 19:03:24 -0500 From: Nancy Dray Subject: Gordon Bennett and friends Subject: Time:6:42 PM OFFICE MEMO Gordon Bennett and friends Date:9/22/95 Regarding ague[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]REDRCK.ENET.DEC.COM(Jim?)'s suggestion (Sept. 20) that "Gord'n Bennett!" is used as an exclamation because it resembles "God Dammit!" I was delighted to hear that his sweet old grandmother would have used it----which led me to wonder also about his sainted aunt, and what sweet Fannie Adams would say! More to the point, when I hear people say "My Sainted Aunt" and "Sweet Fannie(y?) Adams" on those British PBS shows, do they mean what I think they mean? I always thought these shared initials with exclamations that they bowdlerized, but for the former at least OED seems to imply not. Cf. also "CHI-huahua!" as an exclamation in Mexico, to resemble various other exclamations that would start out with "CHI-" but end differently. Enlightenment appreciated. --Nancy L. Dray, n-dray[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]