Date: Fri, 22 Sep 1995 14:57:16 EDT From: Larry Horn Subject: Re: Plural Proper Nouns OK, OK, this discrimination has gone on for far too long... >>Hi. I just wanted to add that I hate that crazy "change y to ies" rule. >>As a matter of fact, I refused to observe it as an English major >>undergraduate. Can we change it? >> >>Merri Lisa >Sure! That's the great thing about living languages! >Tom Uharriet What is this business about a 'crazy change y to ies rule'? The -ies plurals are perfectly fine and well-behaved. It's that crazy 'change -ies to -y in the singular--BUT ONLY SOMETIMES; the rest of the time leave it as -ie' rule. What we really SHOULD insist on is not reforming the -y -> -ie/___ + PLURAL rule, unnatural as it undeniably is. But just think how it would simplify our lives if we just regularized the singular! That way we would all know that the singular of 'tardies' is 'tardie'. Best, Larrie