Date: Wed, 20 Sep 1995 22:26:15 -0700 From: THOMAS CLARK Subject: /ku/ /kju/ and coupon Around here (Las Vegas) we have the most powerful union of all (step back AFL-CIO, geddawdahere Teamsters!): the CULINARY union. Each year the Nevada Language Survey conducts a survey on: /K[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]l/ (schwa) /KYUL/ /KOO/ (/ku/ for those in the know) Nearly every year since 1976 the results have changed. I suspect it is due to the local television news broadcasters or the blue-jowled leaders of the union who change every few months. But each year it has been different. Almost each year. Cheers, tlc On Wed, 20 Sep 1995, Bethany Dumas, UTK wrote: > This pyulitzer person is also a kyupon person. And to me "ku:pan" is > definitely heard as a hyper-correction. > > Bethany >