Date: Wed, 20 Sep 1995 22:53:12 -0400 From: Robert Kelly Subject: Re: Terminology of unexcused absences Forty years ago, Montana railroad workers were said to "slope" off, and "sloping off" was their version of sloughing/sluffing. It meant both absenteeism and lateness, as well as slack performance. ================================================== Robert Kelly Division of Literature and Languages, Bard College Annandale-on-Hudson NY 12504 Voice Mail: 914-758-7600 Box 7205 kelly[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] On Wed, 20 Sep 1995, Al Futrell wrote: > On Tue, 19 Sep 1995, Tom Uharriet wrote: > > > Outside of Utah, which states use sluff, sluffed, sluffing, or sluffs? > > > I have heard sloughing off ever since I can remember, but then maybe I > have been hanging with too many gamblers....and it was often a matter of > sloughing off a class to imbibe in some sport. >