Date: Mon, 18 Sep 1995 11:30:42 EDT From: Larry Horn Subject: Not to be prescriptive, but... >From my Webster's New Collegiate, 7th (1967) ed. but I assume still valid, under Biographical Names, p. 1082, PULITZER \|pUl-#t-s#r\ (family's pronunication), |pyu-l#t-\ Joseph 1847-1911 Am. (Hung.-born) journalist ...where U, #, and u are my feeble ascii renderings of the vowels of 'pull, wool' [u with a dot on it], 'cOllect' [schwa], and 'youth, rule' [u with an umlaut over it] respectively. That is, the family would have called it the PULL-itzer prize, however others may glide. --Larry