Date: Mon, 18 Sep 1995 10:08:55 EDT From: Larry Horn Subject: Re: Mondegreens Tom Clark writes: >Uh, Larry, There is a BOOK of such "aural/oral-spelling" gaffes named >_Pullet Surprise_ in reference to my mentioning of the term that I first >>[came] across it in Fromkin & Rodman, who cite an eponymous compilation. I know--that's what I had intended to refer to with the reference to an eponymous compilation (sorry for not having been more specific, but 'eponymous' seemed too pompous and formal to follow it with just plain 'book'). I didn't have my Fromkin & Rodman on me at home, but now I can tell anyone interested that the book is called "Pullet Surprises" and it was written (or compiled) by Amsel Greene (Glenview, Ill: Scott,Foresman, 1969). (There may be follow-ups of the usual sort--More Pullet Surprises, Still More... I can't check because they're evidently not scholarly enough for the Yale library, whose on-line catalog doesn't list Pullet or Amsel Greene.) As for the pun, I'm in Wayne's dialect and not in Bethany's; I've always pronounced the prize as "PULLitzer", but now that you mention it, I've heard it pronounced both ways. I don't know how Joseph & family did so. Larry