End of ADS-L Digest - 14 Sep 1995 to 15 Sep 1995 ************************************************ There are 13 messages totalling 306 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. length of postings (2) 2. Mondegreens (2) 3. Going postal (7) 4. ?Pea Turkey Squat (fwd) 5. email address ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 16 Sep 1995 00:28:34 -0400 From: ALICE FABER Subject: length of postings Robert Wachal wrote: >> I get the ADS msgs in digest form, but I've stopped reading them because >> of all the diatribes about "English only." If things don't calm down >> soon, I'll probably quit the list. Yes, I know, I can go to NODIGEST and >> then deal with screenfuls beclouding the stuff I want from other sources >> as well as from ADS. I'd especially hate to miss Don Lance's thoughtful >> comments and some others too. I sympathize completely. In my mind, however, the problem is not the topic per se--I think English only legislation, pro and con--is well within the "charter" of ADS-L. Rather, the problem is the *length* of postings. For example, in tonight's digest there were complete copies (at least, I think they were complete, but I don't know, since I scrolled through them as quickly as my modem connection will allow) of two pieces of proposed English only legislation. Since there are clearly people on the list who are interested in such things--the discussion clearly wouldn't be continuing if there weren't--can we perhaps think of a way to shift the burden of such postings to those who *are* interested from those of us who are seriously overwhelmed by them? I can think of two ways to do this: i) instead of posting something lengthy (say > 100 lines), post a two line summary, ending "email me if you want a copy". ii) work out a way to link such things to the ADS web page, and announce that they're there. I think the first of these is preferable, since it wouldn't add to Natalie's work load and it doesn't presuppose technological access and expertise beyond what all ADS-L subscribers already have. Perhaps some other subscribers can add to my suggestions. Note that I *haven't* suggested that we convert ADS-L to something more like Linguist List (moderated postings grouped together by topic [by an actual editor] and circulated as much as 2 weeks after they're sent in); this option would require a lot of volunteer work. And, in any case, another subscriber has reminded me that one of the benefits of ADS-L is that any one of us can post a question in the morning and have extensive feedback and response by the time we go home for the evening (or the next morning, for us Digest readers). Alice Faber faber[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]haskins.yale.edu