Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 21:34:52 EDT From: Larry Horn Subject: Re: bullets Well, it was a nice suggestion. What's funny is that the lexicons seem to list the derived meanings (I take it that this 'bullet' is a secondary forma- tion from the PP 'with a bullet', as is the verb listed elsewhere) but for the most part not the expression they derive from. Maybe Billboard magazine has that one copyrighted :) ----------------------------Original message---------------------------- Sorry, J. E. Lighter's _Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang_ (vol. 1, A-G) is not any help. Meaning 12. Says (in its entirety) "_Music Industry_. A recording that rapidly becomes a hit. 1974 _Night-Stalker_ (ABC-TV): A _bullet_ is a tune that goes right to the top, that's gonna be a hit. 1979 Homer _Jargon_ 119: _Bullet_. A record believed to be a potential success." I guess for "with a bullet" we'll have to wait until they get to the volume that has W in it.