Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 15:39:17 -0600 From: Marianna Di Paolo Subject: contempt vs. content >up in New York (Manhattan or Long Island--the source, no doubt, of my >"jew-le-ry"), or perhaps in California (L.A. or Berkeley), or even in the >midwest (Ann Arbor or Madison), it most definitely was not contracted in a >small town in Utah. > >Marianna Di Paolo: >Sorry, Larry, I didn't remember your contribution when I tried to respond >to Tom Clark. I must say that I enjoyed Tom's contextualization of his >first hearing of "Familiarity breeds conTENT". Have the rest of you only >heard it used facetiously as well or is it used in other types of contexts >as well? > >****************************************************************************** > >Has anyone considered the possibility that this is *purely* phonological? >On ESPN's early SportsCenter (Weds. 13 Sept), I heard (in the summary of the >day's OJ developments) that Marcia Clark had been cited for "conTENT of >court". > > >Alice Faber > Yeah, I thought we were assuming that it was at least partially phonological (like a pullet surprise is) and partially semantic. I was wondering, however, if it was only a nonce form or if it actually had some social group connection. Marianna Di Paolo m.dipaolo[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Linguistics Program 2300 LNCO University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT 84112