Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 16:23:29 -0500 From: Donald Larmouth Subject: Re: FOR English Only I doubt that Mr. Roth would be eager to come, but it may be worth a try. The Wisconsin TESOL group invited him to participate in a debate in May (with me, as it happens), and he declined. When I was invited, there was some concern that Mr. Roth might not accept, and I had jokingly suggested that I could represent his position as well as my own. When the TESOL group took me up on that suggestion, I extracted his remarks from the Congressional Record, rearranged them somewhat, and set up the debate, moving from one podium to the other as I changed roles. Mr. Roth no doubt realized that the TESOL group might be unfriendly, whereas polls in the district indicate popular support for his initiative--so why take the risk? However, when the local paper subsequently invited guest editorials from Mr. Roth and myself, he did contribute an editorial.