Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 13:05:49 -0500 From: "Gregory J. Pulliam" Subject: Re: FOR English Only Tom, Why have you STILL not responded to Terry's points? Why are you so eager to latch on to her anger and so unwilling to engage the primary arguments against EOL? I think many of us assume it's because you have no reasonable response, and therefore, choose to make no response at all. Additionally, several people have taken Terry's "get the f*** off this list" out of context, it seems to me. The ADS-L is a list for people who are in favor of linguistic diversity--both within the English-speaking community, and within and between other languages. Most of us celebrate diversity, so to come online and start talking about "national unity" and other such notions is by nature inflammatory. It would be analogous to joining a list for baseball lovers and continuously dissing the sport, and then when confronted with numerous flames from baseball-lovers, claiming to be the victim of an unfair assault. There are forums for people interested in language issues in general to exchange ideas. I wish you'd write to them. Greg Pulliam Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago humpulliam[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]