Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 14:11:56 MST From: Tom Uharriet Subject: Re: contempt vs. content Marianna Di Paolo writes, > Well, I wish I could, Tom, but I have never heard the expression with > anything other than "contempt". But so far the discussion suggests that > "content" only occurs in Utah and maybe only in small towns. Is that > right? Marianna, I apreciate your attempt to identify a pattern for this usage. I don't think you've quite found it; but we don't get anywhere without at least trying. Although I live in Utah now, I think I picked that phrase up before moving here. Most likely, I got it from Los Angeles (where I've lived most of my life). Please let me know if you ever hear it used at the University of Utah. Thanks, Tom Uharriet Springville, Utah utom[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]