Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 00:41:29 -0700 From: Rima & Kim McKinzey Subject: Re: Pronounciation of ... The folks I know who say "relator" also tend to say "joolery" for jewelry - but they're not necessarily the folks who say nucular. Also, of those I've heard say nucular - they usually say nucleus just fine. I wrote the above before I read all the other responses which also included the jewelry example. So responding to the thread, I say joolree usually, although occasionally I actually say jooalree. Grew up in NY. Re the other examples; I (as pron editor) included febyooery in AHD (hadn't realized I was considered all that prescriptive) because it is so prevalent and accepted - whereas liberree isn't. When I was still in school, we were taught that the definition of "correct" speech and pronunciation was that which was spoken by the educated folks in any given area. Sometimes, however, we more-or-less descriptivist pronchics still get unhappy. At Random House, we put in the nucular pron because Carter said it (referencing The President's Speech theory), and originally were going to put a pronunciation modifier along with it: "nookleear, often nookular" to be really read as, "and entirely too often". Rima