Date: Mon, 11 Sep 1995 22:52:47 EDT From: Larry Horn Subject: Re: contempt vs. content Marianna di Paolo writes (in response to Tom Clark), >>I've lived in and out of Utah. I knew "contempt" before I lived there, >>but I've heard "content" used by old husbands who know better than to >>rile their wives. But Marianna Dipaolo will be able to set us all right. >>Cheers, >>tlc >Well, I wish I could, Tom, but I have never heard the expression with >anything other than "contempt". But so far the discussion suggests that >"content" only occurs in Utah and maybe only in small towns. Is that >right? > Well, Marianna, I can assure you that while my "content" may have been picked up in New York (Manhattan or Long Island--the source, no doubt, of my "jew-le-ry"), or perhaps in California (L.A. or Berkeley), or even in the midwest (Ann Arbor or Madison), it most definitely was not contracted in a small town in Utah. Larry