Date: Mon, 11 Sep 1995 19:23:07 -0500 From: "Dennis R. Preston" Subject: Re: FOR English Only What an incredible question. Of course I can (and have). Standard English is the English spoken in Michigan. If you don't believe it, ask the people of Michigan. Dennis Preston P.S.: One of my nastiest local tricks is to chuckle when Michiganders speak. When thay ask me what's so damn funny, I say 'They way y'all talk just tickles the shit out of me' (with my native South Midland phonology, of course). The range of emotions goes from puzzlement to anger, but similar comments from Michiganders to 'real' dialect speakers (that is, speakers of English from practically everywhere else) never raises a local eyebrow. Fun, huh? >Can anyone really define STANDARD American English? We can't say that >it's what the newscasters use, because they speak on t.v. in a variety of >dialects. To say it's what the grammar books in school use is not >satisfactory because there are many traditionally ungrammatical >structures in the grammar books. So, what is "standard" English? > > >Ellen S. Polsky (Ellen.Polsky[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]Colorado.EDU)