Date: Thu, 7 Sep 1995 08:06:58 -0400 From: Heilan Yvette Grimes Subject: Re: English-only >Mikey wrote a message which not everyone on this list >agrees with, and it is perfectly appropriate to take >exception with his ideas. Criticism, however, seems >to degenerate into a kind of commentary (such as >"just which language were you writing in? I couldn't tell") >that is not only inappropriate, but also entirely out of >keeping with what should be the professional tenor of >a list like this one. If we are here to discuss ideas, >decorum is essential --and not just a minimum of it. If >some participants choose to ignore this norm, the best >thing others can do is to ignore them altogether >instead of taking pot-shot at them in a manner that >does not contribute to clarify the issues at hand. > >Milton Azevedo I believe the person commenting on Mikey's English usage was pointing out the ridiculousness of someone being so adamantly opposed to second languages while being so grammatically incorrect in his own language. It is obvious Mikey doesn't speak a second language, and obvious he barely speaks a first.