Date: Wed, 6 Sep 1995 19:40:04 -0700 From: Milton Azevedo Subject: Re: English-only Mikey wrote a message which not everyone on this list agrees with, and it is perfectly appropriate to take exception with his ideas. Criticism, however, seems to degenerate into a kind of commentary (such as "just which language were you writing in? I couldn't tell") that is not only inappropriate, but also entirely out of keeping with what should be the professional tenor of a list like this one. If we are here to discuss ideas, decorum is essential --and not just a minimum of it. If some participants choose to ignore this norm, the best thing others can do is to ignore them altogether instead of taking pot-shot at them in a manner that does not contribute to clarify the issues at hand. Milton Azevedo --------------------------------------------------------------- Prof. Milton Azevedo Dept of Spanish & Portuguese Univ of California, Berkeley Berkeley CA 94720 - USA E-MAIL: ctlntt[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Tel. (510) 642-0471 or -2116 ---------------------------------------------------------------