Date: Tue, 5 Sep 1995 17:07:25 EDT From: Arnold Zwicky Subject: hung dogs a shape-note singer in minneapolis (sooner or later all the disparate threads of my life seem to come together) writes to ask about the origins of "when all the dogs are hung" meaning 'when things are over'. lighter under DOG gives citations from 1867 on for "till/until all the dogs were hung" meaning 'until the end or resolution', which i'll take to be close enough to the original queried phrase not to matter. joan, i didn't find anything in DARE under DOG, but then i did a very quick search and might have missed it. is there anything in your files, maybe under TILL or UNTIL, or possibly HUNG? i would guess that the dogs in question are not our canine friends but one of the many inanimate sorts of dogs, capable of being hung (up). but which one, and how did hanging them (up) come to signify the end of some event? arnold (zwicky[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]