Date: Tue, 5 Sep 1995 14:54:58 -0500 From: jeffrey howard allen Subject: Re: English-only (fwd) Dole was on the News last night where he addressed the issue. His point was about English being the means of economic potential for children in school who would later need jobs. I was shocked to see him slamming language programs. Another ethnocentric American. Guess that means that if he becomes president he won't be speaking with diplomatic leaders of other countries in their languages. JEFF ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Tue, 5 Sep 1995 10:13:19 -0600 From: Bruce Gelder To: Multiple recipients of list ADS-L Subject: Re: English-only I happened to see a headline in this morning's USA today saying that Bob Dole is sponsoring yet another piece of legislation attempting to make English the national language. Does anyone happen to have a copy of the bill or know anything more about it than what it said in USA Today? Thanks, Bruce Gelder bgelder[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]