Date: Tue, 5 Sep 1995 15:31:32 EDT From: Shani Walker Subject: Re: pothouse > > > Pothouse is entered in W3 with the meaning "alehouse, tavern". The > > similar-sounding word for an outhouse is "boghouse". > In Scotland, I heard referred to just as "bog".... kind of a > nice place to be after visiting the pothouses (according to W3's > definition) too much. > I think the defintion depands upon the person perceiving the phrase "pot-house". For instance, if you are form a small town or community, you may take the defintion given to you by Webster. However, if you are from a big city, then you may see the phrase "pot-house" under negative connotations, such as a place where persons who engage in illegal smoking activity go, and hang-out. It all depends upon the perceiver.