There are 21 messages totalling 487 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. the uuencoded stuff 2. ADS-ANS deadline September 1 (5) 3. knee high to ? (2) 4. ADS-ANS deadline September 1 -Reply (4) 5. secret codes (2) 6. Knee High 7. Pot-house politicians (fwd) 8. My Final Post on uuencoding 9. pothouse (2) 10. NOT: ADS-ANS deadline September 1 11. Fwd: knee-high ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 1 Sep 1995 14:53:49 +1000 From: Baden Hughes Subject: the uuencoded stuff To the rest of the world To all the rest of those out there on the Linguist list, I'm not sure about you but no-one seems to have gotten to the bottom of this uuencoded problem yet. I'm sure there's one simple solution, *don't send uuencoded messages* then we don't have to fill up our list with a lot of unnecessary rubbish. If problems do arise with stuff like this I'm sure individuals could mail individuals. Baden Hughes B.HUGHES[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]