Date: Tue, 27 Sep 1994 10:09:00 CDT From: Beth Lee Simon Subject: Re: intro linguistics texts I'm using Finegan for Introduction to the Study of Language. Many of his explanations assume an audience with some intellectual experience, but I tend to ignore thosse (and provide the theory and explanations for them). And the glossary is worse than unusable for the kind of students Tim desdribes, BUT I like Finegan for the wealth of data. I'm using LANGUAGE: INTROD READINGS (5th) for The Study of English, which tends to have more of the education majors. Most of the essays excellent examples of good prose literature, and the presentation is makes the material accessible. I've gone around and around, shall I use Finegan again next semester, and until Tim or I or one of you write(s) the text Tim wants, I think Finegan it is. For the Introduction to Linguistic Analysis, which is billed as an upperlevel (undergrad & grad) couse but which will have students without any experience, I think I'll order the OH Lang Files. Have folks been happy with that ? beth simon