Date: Mon, 26 Sep 1994 19:42:06 -0500 From: "Timothy C. Frazer" Subject: Re: intro linguistics texts We need an intro text which is not written for beginning linguistics majors, but for students who have no idea what the topic is, are not intellectually adventurous, who need to see in every page what the topic means in their lives. For sociolinguiistics, Elaine Chaika's text does this better than any I have seen, but we need one which works as well in a general intro to the discipline. Tim Frazer On Mon, 26 Sep 1994, Alan R Slotkin wrote: > I've been using the Fromkin/Rodman 5th ed. in my intro. course. I'm fed up > with its misprints, etc. I'd appreciate any suggestions that members of the > list might have for a replacement text--while the course is taught on the > 400 level, it is populated by students with relatively little > language/linguistics knowledge/background. > > Thanks in advance. > > Alan Slotkin > ARS7950[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] >