Date: Mon, 19 Sep 1994 14:38:48 -0400 From: ALICE FABER Subject: Re: ADS-L Digest - 15 Sep 1994 to 16 Sep 1994 Edward Callary asks: >> >> does anyone have a list (including sources and ordering >> information) of video tapes on variation that they would >> be willing to post to the list? Outside of American >> Tongues and He said She Said, I know of few others. I am >> also interested in tapes on International Varieties of >> English. >> I you know of only one or two others, let me know; if there >> is a sufficient number (and sufficient interest) I will >> summarize for the list. Please do summarize. A colleague of mine who teaches in an early childhood education program (mostly reading instruction) is VERY interested in knowing what's available. I forwarded to her all the old info I had saved on e.g. American Tongues, but she could use more. To fill the gap, she made some recordings of 3 British colleagues of very different backgrounds (RP, London, West Country). Thanks. Alice Faber Faber[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]