Date: Tue, 6 Sep 1994 08:54:49 -0400 From: BHOWARD Subject: Re: Language and Status: Working Girl Jennifer, the Melanie Griffith/Harrison Ford movie *Working Girl* is one that today's students are still familiar with, and it works powerfully in a sociolinguistics class on language and status. In the movie, Griffith is a working class New Yorker who tries to improve her language by attending speech classes and listening to (and mimicking) a tape of her upper-class boss's speech. Finally she gets the right haircut and "borrows" the right clothes, and voila! she is taken for a corporate executive. Meanwhile her buddy, played hilariously by Joan Cusack, resolutely refuses to change and tells Griffith that she talks fine and shouldn't try to change. As the movie progresses--and as Griffith's status progresses--the contrast between the two becomes increasingly sharp. Becky Howard BHOWARD[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CENTER.COLGATE.EDU Department of Interdisciplinary Writing Colgate University, Hamilton NY 13332 Voice (315) 824-7315; FAX (315) 824-7121