Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 02:52:47 -0400

From: "Barry A. Popik" Bapopik[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM

Subject: Teen Slang; Basketball Hall of Fame


This is from the Springfield (Mass.) Union-News, 9 September 1997, pg.

C6, cols. 5-6:

Brush up on your teen slang skillz


Central High School

Have you ever heard your teenager use a crazy sounding word on the

telephone? Well, here's an update on teen-age slang to help with

translation. Just remember to listen to how the word is used as it could

have more than one meaning.

1. BENJAMINS--Money.

2. BOO--Is usually used to talk about a boyfriend.

3. BOUNCE--To go out somewhere.

4. BUGGIN'--To act crazy or strange.

5. BUMMIN'--To dress in a very tacky way.

6. BUTTAS--Something that is nice or pretty.

7. CHILLIN'--Hanging out or just doing nothing.

8. CREEPIN'--Sneaking around or cheating on someone.

9. HERB--Describes someone with no skills.

10. HOT--Something is very stylish.

11. MOMZ DUKE--Refers to a mother.

12. PARLAYIN'--Hanging out.

13. PEEPS--Very close friend.

14. PLAYA--A person who cheats on someone.

15. POPZ DUKE--Refers to a father.

16. REPIN'--Means to represent something.

17. SHORTY--Is used to talk about a girlfriend.

18. SKILLZ--Means that you are able to do anything.

19. WHILIN'--Means to act crazy or lie.

Here are several commonly used words for which you might want to keep an

open ear.

1. BOOTY CALL--Having sex for fun.

2. DRAMA--A very serious problem.

3. GAT--Is a gun.

4. WET--Is to be very drunk.

These three words refer to a blunt or weed.


Now parents, every once and a while use these words in conversation to

show your teen that you have MAD SKILLZ!!!