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Thursday January 8

3:00 pm-5:00 pm, General Session I--Chair: __AVAILABLE__

*3:00-3:30: "Idiom's Delight"--Christine Ammer, Lexington, MA

*3:30-4:00: " 'Er hat uns gesaved vun unser sins': Past Participial Marking

in Pennsylvania German"--Janet M. Fuller, Southern Illinois Univ.

*4:00-4:30: "Searching for Standard American English"--Judith W. Fuller,

Gustavus Adolphus College

*4:30-5:00: "Facilitating Self-Regulated Learning in English Language Studies

Classrooms"--Sonja L. Lanehart and Paul A. Schutz, Univ. of Georgia

Friday, January 9

8 am, Executive Council

10:30-11:30 am, Words of the Year nominations

1:00-4:45 pm Special Session on Reconfiguring Regional Dialects--Chair: Ellen

Johnson, [Western Kentucky Univ.????]

*1:00-1:30: "Dynamic Boundaries in African-American Vernacular English: The

Role of Local Dialect in the History of AAVE"--Walt Wolfram, Erik Thomas, and

Elaine Green, North Carolina State Univ.

*1:30-2:00: "Redrawing Ethnic Dialect Lines: A Synchronic and Diachronic

Analysis of /ay/ in Lumbee Native American Vernacular English"--Natalie

Schilling-Estes, Stanford Univ.

*2:00-2:30: "Takin' Bauman to the Burbs: Verbal Art in the Discourse of

Suburban Teens," Lisa Ann Lane, Univ. of Michigan.

2:30-2:45: break

*2:45-3:15: "Standard English Hardball: The Pressure of Transplant Dialects

on Young Atlanta Professionals"--Anne Marie Hamilton and Frank Bramlett,

Univ. of Georgia.

*3:15-3:45: "L-Handshape Variation in American Sign Language"--Ceil Lucas,

Mary Rose, and Susan Schatz, Gallaudet Univ.

*3:45-4:15: "Rising Glides in Chicano English"--Amanda Doran, Univ. of Texas.

*4:15-4:45: "Linguistic Behavior of Three South Texas Border Communities:

Same or Different?"--Kati Pletsch de Garcia, Texas A&M International


4:30-5:30 pm, Words of the Year final vote

5:30-6:30 pm, BYOB exhibit & refreshments

Saturday, January 10

8:00 am, official business meeting

9:00 am-12:30 pm, General Session II--Chair: __AVAILABLE__

*9:00-9:30: "Negation, Nasalization, and Regularization: Creating Similar

Diachronic Paths"--Kirk Hazen, North Carolina State University

*9:30-10:00: "_Was/were_ Variation in English: Primitive, Remnant, Syntactic

Restructuring, or Act of Identity? Evidence from Intervariety

Comparison"--Sali Tagliamonte and Jennifer Smith, Univ. of York, England

*10:00-10:30: "The Morphology of Past Tense in AAVE"--Patricia Cukor-Avila,

Univ. of North Texas, and Guy Bailey, Univ. of Texas at San Antonio

*10:30-10:45: "African-American Stereotypes in Early Twentieth-Century

English"--Richard Bailey, Univ. of Michigan

*10:45-11:15: "Mock Ebonics: Linguistic Racism in Parodies of Ebonics on the

Internet"--Maggie Ronkin and Helen Karn, Georgetown Univ.

*11:15-11:45: "The Language of the Free People of Color in Nineteenth Century

New Orleans: Evidence form the Journal of Sister Mary Bernard

Diggs"--Georgette Ioup, Univ. of New Orleans

*11:45-12:15: "Who Speaks Scots in the United States? An Analysis of Social

Labels in DARE"--Anne Marie Hamilton Univ. of Georgia

12:45 pm-2 pm, annual luncheon

2:15 pm-5:30 pm, General Session III--Chair: Bethany Dumas, Univ. of

Tennessee, Knoxville

*2:15-2:45: "Semantic Variability in Terms for 'medical research':

Implications for Obtaining Meaningful Informed Consent"--Ronald R. Butters,

Lyla Kaplan, and Jeremy Sugarman, Duke University

*2:45-3:15: " 'It'll kill ye or cure ye, one': The History and Function of

Alternative _one_"--Michael Montgomery, University of South Carolina

*3:15-3:45: " 'So I Says, Says I': Quotatives in Southern White

Discourse"--Margaret Mishoe and Boyd Davis, Univ. of North Carolina at


3:45-4:00: break

*4:00-4:30: "_Leave_ 'let': American Doppelganger"--Michael Adams, Albright


*4:30-5:00: "What Makes a Coinage Successful? The Factors Influencing the

Adoption of English New Words"--Valerie Boulanger, Univ. of Georgia

*5:00-5:30: "Complementizer Variation in American English: Overt, Covert, and

Pleonastic"--Beverly Olson Flanigan, Ohio Univ.