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Subject: Re: Katie bar the door -Reply

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I remember a poem or verse about it. It is a rural, older couple arguing

about who's going to get up and bar the door. I seem to remember the

main refrain is the man saying to the woman, "Katie, bar the door!"

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While interesting, I don't think this is relevant to the primary use of the

expression. I'm not knowledgeable about country music, but I get the

sense that there's a long tradition of country songs that take a familiar

phrase and give it a twist, setting up a situation in which the phrase

either has a different interpretation from the ordinary one or is modified in

a weird way.

The only such song I can think of offhand is one I just heard mentioned,

though I haven't heard it. The conceit and key phrase is "I'm only half a

man [since you walked out the door]", and it's full of lines like "I drove my

nine-wheeler down the road to the Motel Three and bought a three-pack

of beer" (halving all the numbers). Anyway, this "Katie bar the door"

song seems to be something similar.

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