Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 19:52:20 -0400

From: "E. Wayles Browne" ewb2[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CORNELL.EDU

Subject: Y'all

Here is a written attestation. Should we interpret it as singular?

It seems to be both preceded and followed by singular you.

[Letterhead:] James Carville

Dear Friend,

I hear that like me, you are committed to helping ___ ___

accomplish something in North Carolina that, by my count, is about

24 years overdue:

The defeat of ___ ___.

I'm glad to know that y'all are out there fighting the good

fight, because I can't think fo a guy who deserves to be elected to

the United States Senate more than Harvey.

I know that Mr. ___ is grateful for your support. It _is_

folks like you who can make the difference this fall. If ___ is

going to win this election, it will only be if you stand by him

even with the so-called "experts" and the pontificating pundits say

that ___ ___ can't be beat.

And you don't need some bald-headed Cajun guy from Louisiana

to tell you that those experts are just plain wrong this time



[names of candidates omitted as irrelevant]

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