Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 09:22:26 EDT


Subject: Amerax?

I have a student who did a web search while trying to come up with a

project to do for a class I'm teaching this quarter called "Language Use

in the African American Community." He said he came across some info

about a language variety called "Amerax" (I'm not sure of the spelling).

Apparently it is a language variety spoken by newly converted Muslims

who are converted while in prison. He's interested in finding out more

about the language and the possible influence of Arabic. I have never

heard of this language variety. I would do some searching on the web,

but I'm having some problems doing that right now. He said he first saw

it in an ethnology database or website. I would do a websearch of my

own but I'm having some problems with doing that right now. Has anyone

heard of this language variety before or have any info?


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