Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 11:06:42 +0900


Subject: Re: Gullah Bible

Kimberly Thompson wrote:

I wondered if anyone out there knows if the translation of the bible into

Gullah was ever completed and, if so, where I might find or be able to

order it. Many Thanks!Here are some sights on the net you find helpful.

I have been trying to find out the differences in the various search engines recently.

I rely on the net a lot for various research things. I found these with "excite".

Incidentally, I found nothing of any use with several of the other engines I tried first.

84% y'all:sofried:Gullah writing [More Like This]


Summary: . The American Bible Society offered this sample of the gospel of

Luke, from Luke 6:20 in "De Good Nyews Bout Jedus Christ Wa Luke Write."

Gullah: "Jedus look at e iple dem an tell um say, "oona bless fat ture, oona, po


83% African Cultural Survivals (Holloway Videos) [More Like This]


Summary: Note: Begins with view of one of the Sea Islands without narration;

followed by an interview with Leroy Brown. Greene, project director for Sea

Island Bible Translation Team, talks about importance of translating the bible as

well as Africanisms in the Gullah heritage.

82% Untitled [More Like This]


Summary: Their work falls under the auspices of MNA as well, because strong

indigenous churches are expected to arise from the Bible studies, conversions

and fellowship which are already resulting as portions of the New Testament

have become available in Gullah. Some surprising facts: -250,000 Sea Islanders

along the coast of N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Georgia and Florida speak the Gullah

(Sea island.

82% African Cultural Survivals (Holloway Videos) [More Like This]


Summary: Afr Video 233 v.3, Pt.1 Oyotunji Interviews; Chief Alagba on New

World Africanisms. Afr Video 233 v.3, Pt.2 Interview with Claude and Pat Sharpe

on Gullah Translation of the Bible; Coffin Point Grave yard; Ron Daise on Oral

History/Folklore--Part 1. Afr Video 233 v.4 Interview with Claude and Pat

Sharpe; Gullah Language and Culture--Part 2. Afr Video 233 v.5

Africanisms--Coiled Baskets;.

81% English creole links [More Like This]


Summary: With appropriate software, you can hear samples of spoken

Jamaican at this site. Chinese Pidgin English Hawaii Bislama Australian Kriol

Solomon Islands Tok Pisin Torres Strait Creole.