Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 20:04:38 EDT

From: Michael Montgomery N270053[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]VM.SC.EDU

Subject: No subject given

The translation of the Gospel of Luke into Sea Island Creole is the only

part of Scripture so far published (by the American Bible Society, the

cost of which, as I recall, is one dollar plus postage). The Sea Island

Translation has been working for years on other portions of the New Tes-

tament, I understand, and it will not be too much longer before all is

finished. (Each verse must pass a fairly rigorous approval process by

native speakers.) This is the word I had as of about a year ago.

I purchased my copy by calling the ABS in New York City and giving them

a credit card number. Two copies for something like $2.70.

Hope this helps,

Michael Montgomery