Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 03:31:58 -0400

From: "Barry A. Popik" Bapopik[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM

Subject: TWO-FERS: an antedate

This antedate was supposed to appear as the Yankees cut their magic

number to two; they lost and it's still at three. Oh, well!

If I ever get my papers together, you'll see "The Naming of the New

York Yankees" and "The Naming of the Grand Old Man (G.O.M.) and the Grand Old

Party (G.O.P.)" in the next few weeks.

"TWO-FERS" did not originate in the theatre. The Dictionary of

Americanisms (pg. 1789) has 1892 as the first citation.

This comes from the New York Dispatch, 22 March 1885, pg. 5, col. 2:

TWO-FER-FIVE--GUS STOPPELKAM has had great success with his "Twofers" at

his new cigar store at No. 240 Grand street. "Twofers" is the name applied

facetiously to Gus's workingman's favorite. They are cigars that are sold at

two for five cents, and the run on them has been so great that the multitude

of purchasers have discarded the long name by which they are properly known,

and adopted the more familiar and affectionate appellation of "Twofers." Gus

has just purchased another instalment of a few hundred thousands of these

favorite "Twofers."