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Subject: Re: Salty Dog -Reply

Margaret Ronkin ronkinm[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] 0920.1447

This and "salt" are common variations of the nickname "old salt",

according to Urdang's and LaRoche's (1980:227) _Picturesque

Expressions: A Thematic Dictionary_. U and L claim that since a

particularly old or experienced sailor is a "sea dog", "the allusion [made

by "salty dog"] is to the salt in the seawater to which a sailor is

constantly exposed".

That's what I thought as the origin of the phrase, but it seems to have

picked up a sexual meaning somewhere along the line (doesn't almost

everything?). There's a blues(?) that goes:

Let me be your salty dog, or I don't wanna be your man at all.

Honey, let me be your salty dog.

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