Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 12:35:17 EDT

From: Orin Hargraves 100422.2566[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]COMPUSERVE.COM

Subject: Lex Opportunity

NB No. 1: If you responded to this notice when it appeared here several weeks

ago, there is no need to respond again.

NB No. 2: Please do not forward this notice to any other list; doing so will

have the effect of increasing agony for the overworked and underpaid!

Now with that out of the way: there is an opportunity for freelance

lexicographers and editors with reference experience to work on a major

reference project. Candidates must be:

1) Native speakers of American English.

2) Experienced in writing lexicographic or encyclopedic entries, or, experienced

in Americanizing text written in British English. Experience in both of these

areas would be a bonus.

3) Aware of American cultural and linguistic biases, such as might come about

from prolonged experience of another culture or different English speech


4) Willing to work on-screen, and able to exchange encoded files via e-mail

(using Uuencode and decode programs).

5) Able to work to deadlines and turn out high-quality work.

Successful candidates will be offered regular work at competitive rates for the

next couple of years at least and involvement in an exciting and challenging


The calibre of responses to this notice the first time it appeared was very high

indeed and has allowed the publisher to be quite selective. It is appearing here

again in the hope of reaching any possible candidates who were still away for

the summer the first time it appeared.

If you are interested please respond with a brief resume detailing your

experience via e-mail to

100422.2566 [AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

If possible please indicate the number of hours per week you might be available

to work.

With best wishes,

Orin Hargraves

438 Bankard Road

Westminster MD 21158

phone 410 346 7889