Date: Sat, 14 Sep 1996 16:34:46 BST

From: David Britain dbritain[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]ESSEX.AC.UK

Subject: -own/-ewn past participles

In New Zealand and Australian English, a change is underway in a closed set of past

participles ending -own/-ewn (blown, flown, shown, mown, sown, sewn, grown, strewn,

known, thrown, hewn).

The change involves the insertion of schwa before the final /n/, so, where [AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] = schwa,:

/flo:n/ becomes /flo:[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]n/ or /flow[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]n/

/gro:n/ becomes /gro:[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]n - grow[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]n/ etc.

/stru:n/ becomes /stru:[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]n/

/hju:n/ becomes /hju:[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]n/

This change is NOT taking place in words such as groan, moan, moon, tune or own. Is

this common anywhere in North America?

Look forward to hearing from you

Dave Britain