Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 15:22:00 +0900


Subject: Re: SYRACUSE / Yuston, Texas

All this talk about Syracuse has reminded me of the surprise I got when I was back in the US

driving around Texas a few years ago. I kept hearing people on the radio talk about Yuston,

Texas and couldn't figure out where that was. (Houston) As a linguist, it made good enough

sense (humor, etc.), but as a Southerner, it came as a shock.

Is this something new that I had never heard because I've been away from the US too long?

Is this something that had always been there and I had never heard because I was from a

different part of the South? (Tennessee)

Is this something that has already been discussed on ADS-L that I'm gonna get yelled at for

not having read?

Danny Long