Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 09:56:38 -0400


Subject: Re: Southern accent -

Sali writes in reply to my observation that some Princeton freshmen have

virtually no trace of southern features:

Humans/Animals are ADAPTIVE to new environments, unless they insist on

standing out or are simply incapable of some adjustments. What you invoke

is NO evidence for speculating that Southern English is changing.

I neglected to mention that I was referring to Princeton freshmen who were

fresh from the South-- in their first week here, so adaptation to the college

environment played no role. These are people who grew up in the South and

went to school there. Perhaps some Southerners could comment on the situation

in their communities- especially high schools. Aren't there some students/

adults who sound northern? Is it occurring more often in private schools? In

urban areas?