Date: 9/11/96 4:44 PM

To: Grant Barrett

From: Grant Barrett

[Lots of comments about Real Audio and the use of Macs]

I knew there was a reason I liked RIS despite his politickin. He uses a Mac.

Nancy: It sounds like you have a Mac. I do Mac tech support, training and

troubleshooting for a living. If you'll send me details, I'll see what we can

figure out. Send me Mac model, RAM, version of Navigator, version of

Real Audio, symptoms, error messages, etc.

For starters, if you open the Real Audio player, you'll find an item under

the File menu that says "Open Recent". There you can pick out of the list

items you heard before but may want to hear again.

Also, if you are having problems by clicking on a certain link, try a bunch

of others. I find that the server on the other end often rejects requests. It

may have nothing to do with your computer at all.

Mike: Have you had a chance to play with MkLinux yet? I'm waiting for the

PCI port to check it out.

Grant Barrett

I support Macs for a living. The other 90 percent of my job is doing

whatever I want.