Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 15:29:02 -0500


Subject: once-off feature

Michael Montgomery writes about the pronunciation of "greasy":

I remember being told in graduate school that the greasy line pertained to

a once-off feature, but am not now so sure.

"Once-off feature" is a phrase new to me. I know the term "one-off",

applied to a commercial object that is normally made in mass quantities,

but which in the case under discussion is being made in quantity one.

(Ghod, what a convoluted syntax I have to use here!!! Is there a better

way to say this?) It may be a CD-ROM bearing data in a special format

requested by one customer, or a custom chip produced as a sample, or a

game card (e.g. "Magic: The Gathering") produced as a gift for a VIP.

I understand Michael to mean "a feature that applies to only one item in

the lexicon". Is that it?

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