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BTW, where do you get "Ami" for "American"? That's a new one on me.

& how do you pronounce it?

I have been living in Germany. That's a colloquial term for Ami's in


It's not derrogatory.

It is considered by many to be derogatory.

I second that -- at least it CAN be used in a derogatory manner. On a

trip through Austria just days after the post-WWII occupation ended, I saw

"Ami go home" painted on a wall. More indicatively, in a conversation at

the German Information Center (where I worked), a co-worker complaining

about jingoistic network coverage of the LA Olympics said sarcastically

that if the Amis did it, it would be covered. Other colleagues hushed him

in scandalized tones for using the word in my presence.

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