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DARE, vol. III, which should be available in your local bookstores in

December, just in time for Christmas buying (plug, plug), has an

entry under 'kimmelweck' (with a x-ref to 'beef on weck' vol. I).

Defined as "A caraway roll, used esp for a beef sandwich," its label

is wNY, esp Buffalo. The earliest quote is from 1952, Marian Tracy,

Coast to Coast Cookery.

ok, but i think today that the salt is the defining characteristic,

since we go to the bakery and order "kimmelwecks without caraway" and

get rolls with salt on top. i didn't know that kimmelwecks could

have caraway until wegman's started selling them, since the bakery we

got them from in lewiston had ones w/o caraway called "kimmelweck".


Both the Tracy quot and a 1982 letter say that kimmelweck are crusty rolls

with caraway and coarse salt on top. One informant doesn't specify, and the

other letter just says with seeds on top.


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