Date: Sun, 1 Sep 1996 13:57:57 -0400


Subject: Re: kimmelwick

I have just finished a degree in German, and I am fairly certain that it

is not German, although it could very well be a German dialect-word. I

speak High German, but I cannot understand Bayuvarisch or Alemanisch,

etc. to but a minor extent. Regional foods are often named with dialect.

i got a private msg from joseph salmons saying that "wecken" is a

southern german/austrian word for longish rolls and kuemmel is

caraway. this caused me to remember that (a) it is also

(perhaps "properly") spelt "-weck" (but in my family, at least,

pronounced [wIk]), and (b) there are 2 varieties: the carawayful

ones and the carawayless ones (the latter are the ones i like, so i

blocked the existence of the other--both have the crushed salt).

however, i've never seen one that's oblong--they're always round in

my experience.

nevertheless, this sounds like a pretty likely etymology. could also

be that the far western new york existence of them is linked to a

pennsylvania german influence? i don't know. anyone from

pennsylvania "dutch" country know of them?